Architect of Defense Award Presented to Verterra Energy

Posted 2/26/17 (Sun)

Architect of Defense Awardee Named for 2016 (event held in February 2017)

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN – 23 February, 2017:  The Defense Alliance held its annual award event Thursday evening at HGA.  75 people from defense-oriented organizations registered for the event which was hosted by HGA, one of the nation’s leading architectural and engineering firms. 

The event, titled “Architect of Defense,” was principally a networking opportunity for the diverse group representing a spectrum of industries that contribute to defense and homeland security.  Following a reception and program, the ninth annual “Architect of Defense” was presented to:  Ted Christopher, President of Verterra Energy (Minneapolis, Minnesota).  The award is presented to the Defense Alliance member who best exemplified and promoted the ideals and mission of the Alliance during the year.  Verterra Energy produces a unique, vertical axis hydro turbine to generate electrical power for a myriad of uses.

The evening was sponsored in part by:  Minnesota Defense, a division of Minnesota Wire; AirSpace Minnesota; and Teamvantage.

Defense Alliance continues its work as a regional catalyst for technology-based economic development.  It recently passed the $200 million mark in contract gains for companies assisted since 2011, when the SBA recognized and funded it as an Advanced Defense Technologies Cluster (ADT).  Learn more at the Alliance’s websites ( /