Defense Alliance Acquired by LSI, Inc.

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Architect of Defense 2015

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11 June ~ Alliance Hosts Pentagon for Innovation Roundtable

Defense Alliance hosted a roundtable discussion on innovation with an advisor to SECDEF.

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Defense Alliance Presents 2014 "Architect of Defense" Award

Defense Alliance Presents 2014 "Architect of Defense" Award

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Defense Alliance in Fortune Magazine - 15 July

Defense Alliance Member Packet Digital was featured in Fortune Magazine, in an article on the effectiveness of the SBA's Regional Innovation Clusters.

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DCAA Presents at Defense Alliance Seminar - 25 April

Defense Alliance held "DoD/Government Accounting Excellence" on Friday, featuring presenters from the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA).

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Defense Alliance Awarded "Progress MN" Award - 10 April

Defense Alliance was awarded the 2014 Finance & Commerce "Progress Minnesota" award on Friday. The honor is bestowed on individuals and businesses for their contributions to economic development in the state.

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Defense Alliance Roundtable on Pew DoD Energy - 22 January

The Pew Charitable Trusts released its 2014 report on the status of Department of Defense (DoD) use of clean energy technology - Defense Alliance to hold roundtable/press availability.

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Defense Alliance Featured on Minnesota Military Radio Hour

Defense Alliance was featured on Minnesota Military Radio Hour. The Alliance's history and impact are discussed with Executive Director Chip Laingen and Founder Paul Wagner.

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David Bell of Phygen Coatings receives the 2013 "Architect of Defense" Award

David Bell of Phygen Coatings received the 2013 "Architect of Defense" Award at the 6th annual event hosted by HGA in Minneapolis, MN.

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