Adventium Enterprises, LLC

Adventium Labs solves hard problems in the areas of cyber security, system engineering, and automated reasoning. For cyber security, Adventium Labs protects computers and networks from internal and external cyber-oriented threats. For automated reasoning, Adventium Labs develops model-based reasoning and mathematical analysis technology to automate difficult or error prone tasks for humans. For systems engineering, Adventium Labs develops and applies formal processes to design, model, and analyze complex cyber physical systems including medical devices, avionics, process control systems, and spacecraft.

Adventium's business model is to develop technology to the advanced prototype stage (Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6-7) at which time we seek open source venues and/or licensing partners to transfer our work to broader use. We also directly commercialize our research when that makes good business sense. An example of this is our Andamio Games division that is commercializing educational games for mobile devices.

Adventium is dedicated to community support and growth, and supports educational, professional, and social initiatives at the local, national, and international levels.


Contact Information

Kyle Nelson
111 3rd Ave S, Suite 100
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401
Tel: (612)280-9843

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