Protocol 46 Inc., dba Protocol 46 - Cyber Security

Protocol 46 provides innovative and total cyber security by utilizing 150+ years of military service to survey the cyber field as a single military battleground, proactively developing defensive strategies that combine endpoint protection, persistent asset discovery and vulnerability scanning, enhanced firewalls, threat mitigation, intruder detection, and trained human threat analysis as one joint operation. Protocol 46 employs a digital mesh format utilizing proprietary methodology, software, hardware to protect our clients. All components are designed to work in unison and “cross- talk/cross-walk” to provide a layered defense solution for clients and 365/24/7 vulnerability assessments.

Protocol 46 is a Service Disabled Veteran Company with 80% of our team members being Veterans.


Contact Information

Scott Schue
106 Water Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55107
Tel: 844.663.8927

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