Protocol 46 Inc.

Protocol 46 provides innovative and total cyber security with plug and play devices and software that create Military Grade protection through layered solutions, that the military calls Defense in Depth; In addition to protecting your network, our solutions assess and rank a network's systems vulnerabilities to hacking. Your IT professional can't fix what they don't know about. 85% of all cyber security risks can be eliminated by employing the top 5 of the CIS 20, all of which are covered by our cyber tools. Our 24/7/365 persistent vulnerability scans alert us of a hack, and we alert you, within 24 hours, compared to the cross-industry average of 211 days from breach to discovery.

Protocol 46 is a Service Disabled Veteran Company with 80% of our team members being Veterans.


Contact Information

Scott Schue
106 Water Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55107
Tel: 844-663-8927

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