Kingfisher Business Solutions, LLC

Kingfisher Business Solutions is a forward thinking, client focused, consulting company with experience in multiple and diverse industries. KBS client support includes, but is not limited to, meetings with the Department of Defense (DoD), representation at conferences and exhibitions, writings and presentation of technical papers at conferences, and supporting the preparation of SBIR submissions. KBS has secured a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with a Navy Surface Warfare center and provides technical leadership in that program for the client. Other clients have received engineering and technical support to manage their assets. Examples include life extension by preventing cracking and corrosion. We continue to focus on US Navy ship repair, and KBS can leverage its connections in NAVSEA, NSWC PHD, NSWCCD, CNRMC, most RMCs and the majority of ship repair yards nationwide. KBS is based near Tampa, allowing a supportive connection with the SOCOM. Further information can be found at Contact: David Sharman Ph.D. on 813-731-3705 or at


Contact Information

David Sharman
P.O. Box 5951
Plant City, Florida 33563
Tel: 813.731.3705

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