Semaphore Scientific, Inc.

Semaphore Scientific, Inc. was founded in January 2013 to develop, manufacture, and market next-generation LADAR (Laser Detection and Ranging) systems for pilot tactical support as well as autonomous maneuvering and collision avoidance applications in aviation and automotives. LADAR is the optical wavelength equivalent of RADAR, and owing to the 10,000x smaller wavelengths, enables ultra-high-resolution, real time 3D images of its surroundings. A breadth of emerging mobile markets require image refresh rates, resolutions, and ranges unmet by existing designs and embodiments. Semaphore has developed a novel design to support such needs through leverage and integration of concepts currently in practice in other industries. It is actively pursuing development of technology demonstrations and sub-system prototypes based on its proprietary approach. The company is staging for rapid development of LADAR systems for diverse applications, and intends to partner broadly across many technical and market spaces to unlock greatest value to the business.


Contact Information

Ned Tabat
ISELF Suite 205, 720 4th Avenue South
St Cloud, Minnesota 56301
Tel: 612.424.3001

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