American Science and Technology Corporation

As a full-service engineering company, AST is engaged in the research, development, fabrication, deployment, and commercialization of innovative products. Our expert teams of professional scientists and engineers have solid backgrounds and proven track records in commercial and government projects. As a foundation for future energy, AST aims to provide common sense solutions to difficult scientific, technical, and manufacturing challenges with national security significance, as well as promoting commercial applications of emerging technologies, particularly with regards to the renewable energy industry.
The AST pilot plant includes a 20 kg biomass pretreatment reactor, a 650 L hydrolysis reactor, a 150 L fermenter, a 1 kg/h fluidized bed fast pyrolysis with in situ catalyst upgrade facility, a 7 kg/h auger type fast pyrolysis and a high temperature-pressure autoclave reactors. Since 2009, these equipments have been used to determine governing parameters for producing fiber, chemicals, sugar, pure lignin, biofuel and other high value byproducts. AST uses its proprietary patent pending process to break down lignocellulosic materials into various products. Currently, AST, in collaboration with UWSP, has started a two ton per day processing pilot plant that will be installed during 2014 and will be operational by middle of 2015. This new large pilot plant biorefinery will act as the main instrument that provides the necessary data that will help in the design and installation of the next generation of large scale biorefinery, capable of processing 500 to 1,000 ton per day raw materials.


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